Christian Perspective of Celiac?

I was bored and spent a few moments looking at the WordPress stats for my blog. I noticed that one of the searches used by someone to find my blog was the following.

christian perspective of celiac disease

In some ways that looks odd to me. Of course, I identify as a Christian. And I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease. So in that sense, anything I say or write on the topic is my particular perspective of celiac disease as a Christian.

But I find myself wondering what someone searching for a christian perspective of my disease might want. What might be their particular concern? I’m not sure that much I say here about the faith aspects of life as a celiac would be helpful to anyone but me. Is there some generic Christian perspective on any specific disease? I’m not sure about that.

At any rate, everything else was the normal sort of stuff I would expect. That one query stood out to me. I hope that someone making such a search might find something to encourage them somewhere in the things I have written to date. It has, at least, helped me to write it.

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