Four Hundred Texts on Love (Second Century) 7

13. The demons either tempt us themselves or arm against us those who have no fear of the Lord. They tempt us themselves when we withdraw from human society, as they, tempted our Lord in the desert. They tempt us through other people when we spend our time in the company of others, as they tempted our Lord through the Pharisees. But whichever line of attack they choose, let us repel them by keeping our gaze fixed on the Lord’s example.

I had never really considered the matter of how we are called to live in exactly this light. Whether we are called to withdraw in our life or go out among others, both are equally valid modes of living. Our Lord lived both ways. Moreover, as he was tempted in both situations, we can also expect to be tempted. But we know he went before us and we are experiencing nothing that he did not experience. I still draw great comfort from that fact.

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