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Weekend Update 06-16-2012

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The True Self and the Story of Me. Fr. Stephen captures the essence of shame and focuses on the identification of the self. “Our shame-based perception of the world is a deep distortion. The information we think to be true and the judgments we make miss the mark. Our problem is often more than the failure of the mind to be grounded in the heart. The mind (thoughts and emotions) is simply insane (insanis).The Death of the Moral Man continues that discussion. “The life that is hid with Christ in God is the new man. He is more than moral – he is good. He is no longer dead – he is alive. And it is for this man fully alive that Christ died.

Did Republicans Deliberately Crash the US Economy? Well, duh. Is water wet? The question really is whether enough of the American electorate is stupid enough to reward them for it. The jury is still out on that one.

Yep, the whole ICANN domain expansion is nothing but a scheme to further enrich domain registrars, who already make much of their money from defensive and malicious registrations.

The CEO of Business Insider provides an extensive list of charts making the problem with inequality in this country and the systemic problems it’s causing abundantly clear.

We don’t need no education. Romney. He wants to “help” the American people by getting rid of more policemen, firemen, and teachers. At least he’s more or less honest. Briefly. Until he tries to take it back.

Nick Hanauer, a very rich venture capitalist, is actually describing macroeconomics 101 in his TED talk. But in this day and age, that’s “controversial.”

Gamer Girl, Country Boy. Felicia Day. I’ll let the reader determine which character is closer to me. 😉

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