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Violet Crown Cinema

Violet Crown Cinema, in downtown Austin, is a place I would call another local gem. My wife and I don’t go downtown that often anymore, which is the only reason I can imagine it took us so long to discover it. (Violet Crown has been open for a bit more than a year now.) The […]

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Four Hundred Texts on Love (Third Century) 40

86. Food was created for nourishment and healing. Those who eat food for purposes other than these two are therefore to be condemned as self-indulgent, because they misuse the gifts God has given us for our use. In all things misuse is a sin. Straightforward, but perhaps even more appropriate for out time. We misuse […]

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End of Overeating 8 – Food Rehab

The End of Overeating offers an intriguing set of foundational principles for what Dr. Kessler calls Food Rehab. To provide a sense of those principles, here’s a summarized list. Conditioned hypereating is a biological challenge, not a character flaw Conditioned hypereating is a chronic problem that must be managed, not cured Effective treatment breaks the […]

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End of Overeating 6 – Start With Awareness

Dr. Kessler, in his book the End of Overeating, devotes the latter section of his book to the theory of treatment. And before we can even begin to protect ourselves from all the stimuli, we have to recognize just how vulnerable we are. And to do that, we must be mistrustful of our brain. We […]

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End of Overeating 2 – Sugar, Fat, Salt

So, the End of Overeating next addresses the big question — why is homeostasis under assault? And there are multiple levels to that answer. First, it’s critical to understand the scientific concept of palatability. In our common usage, it just means that food tastes good or is pleasant. In scientific usage, it refers to the […]

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End of Overeating 1 – We’re All Fatter Now

The End of Overeating begins with something that we are only now truly recognizing. For thousands of years, typical human body weight was pretty consistent. In fact, it was so stable and consistent that scientists believed we had biological systems operating in most of us to keep our weight within certain norms — automatically balancing […]

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End of Overeating Intro – Dr. David Kessler

The End of Overeating was released in 2009 and led to a number of news stories and interviews. I purchased it in 2010 and have read and absorbed it over the intervening years. As those who read this blog are probably aware, I don’t rush to review the latest thing. When I decide to write […]

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Heartland Gourmet Red Velvet Cupcake Mix

My wife was shopping at World Market a while ago when she stumbled across a brand of gluten free mixes she had never seen before. My wife has always been the baker in the family. While I can follow a baking recipe without any problem, I’m much better at other sorts of cooking. My wife, […]

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Pink Slime – But Not At HEB

ABC has been airing a series of reports on so-called “Lean Finely Textured Beef” better known as pink slime. In their initial report, former USDA scientists outline how the agency, which is supposed to be a regulatory agency but is in fact essentially run by the industry they purport to regulate, over-ruled their recommendations against […]

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Gluten Free Tamales

This Christmas season, I decided I really wanted tamales. I hadn’t had good tamales since my diagnosis and it’s one of the foods we’ve traditionally had at some point during Christmas most years. However, the first few places I called or emailed replied that they couldn’t ensure their tamales were gluten free as they were […]

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