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Why Do We Pray? 5 – Communion

What if we asked what prayer is rather than trying to focus on what prayer does? That’s a different sort of question, isn’t it? And perhaps as we understand something more about the essence of Christian prayer, it’s activity will become a little clearer. So what is prayer? I would like to suggest that Christian […]

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Why Do We Pray? 4 – To Create Community?

If we are not primarily seeking to change God or change ourselves when we engage in Christian prayer, perhaps we pray to establish common ground amongst ourselves and form a community? This facet is probably less visible or recognized in low church evangelical settings of individual “spontaneous” prayer, but traditionally Christians have recited prayers and […]

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Response to Crisis

In the wake of my wife’s health crisis, I’ve pondered the various ways we tend to respond in high pressure, frightening, and even overwhelming situations. When people tell my wife or me they are impressed by how well I juggled everything, I confess I’m a little bemused. From my perspective, I simply did what was […]

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The Jesus Prayer 13 – How to Pray

This series of reflections is on The Jesus Prayer: The Ancient Desert Prayer that Tunes the Heart to God by Frederica Mathewes-Green. Khouria Frederica next answers some basic questions about the mechanics of praying the Jesus Prayer. And one of those questions deals with how long to pray. Obviously the goal is to move toward […]

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St. Patrick’s Breastplate

St. Patrick’s Breastplate is an ancient Christian prayer and hymn. Even when I was anything but Christian, this prayer still had a special plate in my heart. There are a number of versions of the prayer today. I particularly enjoyed the following rendition of the song and wanted to share it. I also found the […]

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Four Hundred Texts on Love (Third Century) 29

83.  It is indeed the height of folly, not to say of madness, for a person who deliberately takes pleasure in destructive sins to seek salvation through the prayers of the just and to ask them to obtain forgiveness for what he actively glories in, denied as he is by his own free choice. If […]

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Praying with the Church 1

I’ve mentioned Scot McKnight‘s book, Praying with the Church, several times in different posts. After reading it the first couple of times in 2006, I wrote a series of reflections for a few friends of mine. I’ve decided to publish them here only lightly edited. Since they are four years old, they don’t necessarily reflect […]

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For the Life of the World 16

This post continues with my thoughts on sections 6-7 of the third chapter of For the Life of the World. Here is the link to Deacon Michael Hyatt’s  third podcast on chapter three. For the Life of the World: Part Eight Fr. Schmemann now explores the manner in which the cycle of services relates the […]

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Baptists, Eucharist, and History 10 – Justin Martyr on Administration of the Mysteries

Now we will move forward several decades and reflect on Justin Martyr’s First Apology. This places us right in the middle of the second century. There are few left alive at this point who personally encountered any of the apostles, but there are still those few. There are now many who have been taught by […]

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The Didache 34 – Watch For Your Life’s Sake

This series is reflecting on the Didache if you want to read it separately. Today we reach the end of the Teaching and the conclusion of this series. Watch for your life’s sake. Let not your lamps be quenched, nor your loins unloosed; but be ready, for you know not the hour in which our […]

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