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The Didache 8 – Examined

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This series is reflecting on the Didache if you want to read it separately.

Happy is he who gives according to the commandment, for he is guiltless. Woe to him who receives; for if one receives who has need, he is guiltless; but he who receives not having need shall pay the penalty, why he received and for what. And coming into confinement, he shall be examined concerning the things which he has done, and he shall not escape from there until he pays back the last penny.

As N.T. Wright has noted there is not a single place in the Holy Scriptures where the future judgment is mentioned as examining anything other than the totality of our lives. How could it be otherwise? How often do I receive when I have no need? And how often do I fail to give as the commandment of Jesus provides?

We are a nation of such wealth as could not have even been imagined in the ancient world. I’ve noticed that we do not care to dwell overmuch on the things Jesus says to the rich. I do understand that. I find his words to us disturbing as well. But at some point we will all have to give an account. We will be examined concerning all we have done and all which we have not done.

I pray I have truly desired to do better than I have actually done.

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