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On the Incarnation of the Word 26 – Raised in Three Days

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Athanasius next explores why the Resurrection was on the third day. He points out that if Jesus had more quickly risen, people may very well have questioned whether he had really died or not. Similarly, if he had stayed in the grave too long, people might have questioned if it was really the same body, the same person. He ends with this vibrant declaration.

but while the word was still echoing in their ears and their eyes were still expectant and their mind in suspense, and while those who had slain Him were still living on earth, and were on the spot and could witness to the death of the Lord’s body, the Son of God Himself, after an interval of three days, shewed His body, once dead, immortal and incorruptible; and it was made manifest to all that it was not from any natural weakness of the Word that dwelt in it that the body had died, but in order that in it death might be done away by the power of the Saviour.

The Word died not from any weakness, but rather so death might be done away with in his body.

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