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Sprouts Farmers Market

Posted: September 26th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Celiac | Tags: | Comments Off on Sprouts Farmers Market

Several weeks ago a Sprouts Farmers Market opened in Round Rock just up the highway from us. On Saturday of their grand opening weekend, they were offering a “bag of goodies” to the first couple of hundred shoppers. So I got up early and went to stand in line. It was definitely worth it. I got a full bag of all sorts of products, many of which were gluten free. And it included hair and bath products my wife has enjoyed trying.

Compared to many people in other parts of the country, especially rural areas, I already had a wealth of stores that are very celiac friendly. However, Sprouts now gives us a very nice store with extensive options that is much closer than either Whole Foods or Central Market. Further, they often have excellent sales on the healthier meat we buy and their produce is great!

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