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It’s easy to be cynical.

I’ve been there in my life. In many ways, when deconstruction — finding and revealing the ideas and forces operating behind the facades — is part and parcel of your ongoing perception of reality, it’s hard to be anything else.

greed and violence and abuse they are not right
and they cannot last
they belong to death and death does not belong

Death does not belong. That is the message and the hope of resurrection. What we do, every act of compassion and beauty, will last. It’s not wasted. It’s not ephemeral. Love and life are the fabric and substance of reality.

you didn’t see that coming, did you?

Resurrection was a shocking surprise. It’s still shocking today! They didn’t see it coming and we don’t see it coming. Resurrection turns everything you thought you knew about reality on its head.

This is Rob Bell at his finest. Watch it more than once. The full text of his narration is also on his site as are options like an mp3 download.

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