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Weekend Update – 12-11-2010

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Austin Unscripted video in the second clip asking people to describe Austin in one word. My word is the one used by the group of people at the end. I lived in a zillion places the first eighteen years of my life. I’ve lived here for the past twenty-seven.

5 Myths About Federal Workers. Wish more people would read.

I’ve never experienced much of a Jesus vs. Paul thing myself. I never felt much conflict between them when I read the New Testament. I didn’t have a clue at first what the English word “gospel” meant at first. However, I have enough of a background with ancient history that once I connected it to the ancient greco-roman concept of “euvangelion” it made a lot more sense. That’s not just good news. It’s a particular sort of good news. It’s the news of a conquering king who has defeated the enemies and brought peace and salvation to his people. In the case of Jesus, it turns out that Israel’s true king (messiah) is also the salvation of the nations.

A Call to Men by Tony Porter. Definitely something more men to hear. I don’t like the “man box.” Best quote: “My liberation as a man is tied to your liberation as a woman.”

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