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Weekend Update 02-12-2011

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Gluten free Chex cereals have made life easier. And they’re good with almond milk too. It was also pretty cool that the commercial below aired during the Super Bowl.

Go native IPv6! Hopefully many more organizations will in 2011.

Robert Reich on why the whole “job killing regulations” thing is dumb.

Maybe the Republican propaganda machine really is as effective as any that have ever existed. A survey asked 10 fairly simple questions about the health care reform act. Only 18 percent of those who identified as Republican were able to answer 7 or more of the questions correctly. By any standard, that’s abysmal. Apparently they are all violently opposed to a law that exists only in their minds. How do you even have a rational discussion with people who seem to have lost their connection to reality?

The Potters of the world have finally won over the Baileys. Widespread individual home ownership is apparently no longer an American value or goal.

I think ERF is a good acronym. Eat Real Food.

By contrast, this article compares Michael Pollan’s simple campaign to try to get people to start eating real food again to the excesses of gourmands who fly to Paris for cheese or Vietnam for pho. It’s a ridiculous premise. I’m not sure what the agenda of the author really is, but he must have a hidden one. If I hadn’t actually read Pollan, it wouldn’t be obvious that the author is taking him completely out of context and misrepresenting what he advocates. After all, Pollan’s main point is: “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.” Compare that to the way he’s characterized in the article.

I highly recommend this lecture series: Eastern Orthodoxy and Mysticism: The Transformation of the Senses. I found it amazing. The answers during the Q&A sessions were sometimes even better than some of the things said in the lecture, which I find highly unusual. I’ve listened to it once and will certainly listen to it many more times.

Who says Republicans have no new ideas? 😉

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