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Weekend Update 05-28-2011

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I guess they are determined to be the party of kooks. More than half of GOP voters still doubt Obama was born in the US.

Now this is cool. It’s a javascript program that boots up a Linux PC emulator.

Wheat is possibly a triggering agent for schizophrenia. All of us with schizophrenia manifesting somewhere in our extended families (which with a 1% rate in the US is probably most of us) might want to check out these studies and maybe express to our Representatives that we would like to see studies like this funded rather than rely solely on studies by big Pharma.

In more bad news for Republicans but good news for the country, recent statistics show that, despite its weaknesses, the Affordable Care Act is working. And it looks like Americans are beginning to realize just how much Republicans have lied to them. I had all but given up hope.

Interesting study. My celiac related osteoporosis (now osteopenia) is in my lower back just as the study indicates. Hips are fine.

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