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Weekend Update 07-02-2011

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Wrong, wrong, wrong. All of the strong recoveries over the past thirty years were the direct result of tax hikes (including the Reagan tax hikes in 1982). Tax cuts have inevitably led to weak recoveries or crashes. What do you say to people who adamantly believe something that is completely unsupported by any facts and is, instead, directly contradicted by the facts? Beats me.

When it comes to food, Austin often gets the cool toys first. in.gredients is a zero packaging grocery store coming soon!

This is just sad. Fox can’t even grasp the difference between comedy with a political perspective and ideology and journalism.

When the right complains about those who “pay no taxes” somehow it never seems to be these people about whom they’re complaining. Just sayin’.

A takedown of the fantasy warrior woman armor cliche.

Love this line. As Mike Konczal of the Roosevelt Institute puts it, the G.O.P. has, in effect, come around with baseball bats and declared, “Nice economy you have here. A real shame if something happened to it.”

“The hippies read the textbooks; the Very Serious People apparently rely on close analysis of entrails, or something.”

Explosions in the Sky have done their first “official” music video, Last Known Surroundings. Take a moment to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Jennifer Knapp. It gets better.


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