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Weekend Update 07-16-2011

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This is premiere weekend for the last Harry Potter movie, of course. Today my younger son and I will see the movie. I remember standing in line with him (when I was head and shoulders taller than him rather than the reverse) for the premiere of the first movie too many years ago.

Listening to what supposedly serious people say about the economy, you’d think the problem was “no, we can’t.” But the reality is “no, we won’t.” Indeed. Nor does it even require some sort of economic expertise to see. All you have to do is look at the sorts of things we did in the Great Depression and the complete absence of anything even vaguely similar is glaring.

Has the GOP gone insane? Why, yes, it has.

ABC Nightline had a segment on Roller Derby, which was reborn here in Austin and has spread everywhere. My youngest daughter and I love roller derby. Her favorite home team is the Hot Rod Honeys (Faster! Faster! Kill! Kill! Kill!) and the Texecutioners (traveling team) are always fun to watch.

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