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Saturday Evening Blog Post – July and August Edition

Posted: September 3rd, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Misc | Comments Off on Saturday Evening Blog Post – July and August Edition

In this month’s edition of the Saturday Evening Blog Post, hosted by Elizabeth Esther, we’re supposed to post our favorite posts from both July and August. July was a light blogging month for me. Business travel and generally hectic month at work (which won’t let up until December or so). Wife and daughter in Ireland. Getting son ready for sophomore year of college. So I picked my Weekend Update for July 2nd. Among other things, it includes the first “official” music video by my cousin-in-law’s band, Explosions in the Sky. And the next day Michael and a bunch of other family were over at our house for a cookout and get together. Fun times! Without a doubt, Let’s end the culture that views children as less than fully human, was my most heart-felt August post. But take a moment to read Neither Do I Condemn You as well. (I know. I cheated. Sue me.)

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