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Weekend Update 09-03-2011

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Welfare to work doesn’t work without work. It’s sad that such an obvious conclusion has to be pointed out and proven in the face of such blatant denial of reality.

Perry is really a closet liberal. Robert Reich is funny in this one, but it has a sort of twisted logic to it.

Today’s GOP has decided to get what it wants by threatening to hurt America. In what way is that different from a kidnapper, extortionist, or terrorist?

IRS and SSA ranked top among federal agencies in customer service.  Cool!

Our own worst enemies? Personally, I use Password Safe not only to store my passwords, but to generate them as well. I don’t even try to remember any but a few passwords (not least my passphrase to my safe) and pins. I use it at work. I have the app on my phone. I’ve been doing that now for years and I have a host of internet site accounts I’ve never used twice. It would be bad if I had given them all the password to those accounts which really matter.

Mean vs. Median income growth. Now I know that a lot of people tune out when math is discussed. But the math kinda matters, n’est-ce pas?

No new jobs. Looks like the concerted and deliberate GOP effort to destroy jobs and wreck America for political gain is succeeding. You only have to read the quotes to see them gloating. Are we really so stupid as a nation that we’ll reward their behavior? The mind boggles…

Abp. Dmitri sounds like someone I wish I had met. This is but one of the accounts of his life which I’ve read or listened to this week. Fr. Stephen posted another one. Memory eternal!

And Baylor (where my younger son attends) upset TCU! That’s so cool.

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