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Weekend Update 11-19-2011

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Vouchers for Veterans. Not that we have that great a track record for the way we treat our veterans, but this is pretty despicable. And here’s the column that expands on his blog post.

So are they all, all honorable men. This Supreme Court ranks up there with some of the worst of the 19th century. It’s certainly the most blatantly corrupt Court in my lifetime.

Perhaps the propaganda from the GOP is losing its effectiveness? One can only hope.

Why are the Wall Street occupiers so angry? This is a nice collection of charts that should be simple enough for anyone to grasp.

Congress has introduced a bill to block the recent healthier school lunch regulations. I heard about this on NPR driving home the other day and had to call my wife to share it with her. Our daughter, of course, couldn’t eat school lunches even if she wanted to do so. (And she never wanted to even in the years before she was diagnosed.) Still, it’s a bit absurd for Congress to be opposing healthy food for our kids and trying to legislate that pizza is a vegetable.

Failure is good. Yeah, I see nothing good coming out of any “accomplishment” by debt committee. Failure is a better option than any likely alternative.

Sex on the brain. The article is a good look at the pitfalls in evidence interpretation. Worth the read.

Most of us are paying more for health care. Most of that increase coincides with employers shedding burden as deregulation let health insurers skim as much as they wanted in premiums as profits.

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