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Weekend Update 12-31-2011

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Busy week between Christmas and preparing for our second Christmas on 12/30. I’m closing this early as I doubt I’ll have time tomorrow to write anything. 2011 has been an interesting year. Here’s to 2012!

In last week’s update, I mentioned that the EPA finally (after two decades) released mercury regulations for older coal power plants. Given the pretty drastic toxic effects of mercury, especially on young children (in whom it actually causes neurological damage resulting in a permanent loss of intelligence), you would think this is something we could all cheer. Sadly, but predictably, Republicans are furious over the new, long over-due regulations. I have a hard time understanding why anyone votes for these people.

I’ve commented myself a number of times on the increasing similarity between the modern GOP and Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life, in attitude, greed, and vision for our country. Seems I’m not the only one to note the similarity. I certainly pray that greed and short-sighted self-interest (short-sighted because in the long run we all need and are responsible for each other — one of the messages of Christianity) have not become the new American way. I’m not sure I’m as optimistic as the author of the article, though. After all, this past year I’ve watched Republican crowds cheer executions in Texas, cheer the hypothetical death of an uninsured person, and boo a combat veteran. It looks more and more like social Darwinism has won the day — strangely while waving a “Christian” banner.

And this is why executions in Texas are absolutely nothing to applaud. Ever.

Most of our national debt is money we owe ourselves. I agree most people seem to miss that fact.

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