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Weekend Update 01-07-2012

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Nobody Understands Debt. Or perhaps at least some of the experts and politicians he references do understand debt and their use of the faulty family budget metaphor is a deliberate disinformation propaganda campaign. How do you tell ignorance from deliberate manipulation?

This is not a game. Unfortunately, to an awful lot of right-wing politicians and pundits, it appears to be nothing but a big game. But then, I’ve been told I don’t suffer fools easily.

The Decline of the Public Good. Robert Reich nails it on this one. Although I hadn’t been able to articulate my objections, I think this is also a big part of the reason I’ve rejected the tangled web of toll roads built in our area. I could afford them, I suppose, but I would rather be inconvenienced bu using only public roads than buy into the tiered system of privilege they represent.

Read this post by Fr. Ernesto. It captures perfectly so much I’ve tried to say about violence. Killing another is never more than the lesser evil. We must never forget it is still evil and it damages the one who must kill as well.

We’ve actually reached the point as a society where we simply assume that the politicians who lead our country will lie. So I’m not particularly surprised at the latest salvo from Romney.

Americans throw out 40% of the food we buy? Wow.

The two part video below are from a guy who does massive Christmas lights displays and allows people to control them over the web. Moreover, he does it as a fundraiser for celiac disease research. I believe he said that over the years, people have donated around $50,000. That’s pretty cool!

It’s a pathetic response by Santorum to the mother of a child cancer survivor. It illustrates the complete moral bankruptcy of the GOP, even supposedly devout Catholics like Santorum. (I’ll also note that in his opposition to universal health care, he has positioned himself against the comprehensive — and specific on this issue — pro-life teaching of his Church. Hmmm. I wonder what his position on the death penalty is? I point that out because you frequently hear how Democratic Catholics are “bad Catholics” for their political views, but you never seem to hear the same about Republican Catholics who also hold, promote, and vote for political positions that are contrary to the pro-life position of the Catholic Church. Pro-life, at least in the Catholic sense, is not a synonym for anti-abortion. It’s much broader than that.)


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