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End of Overeating 8 – Food Rehab

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End of OvereatingThe End of Overeating offers an intriguing set of foundational principles for what Dr. Kessler calls Food Rehab. To provide a sense of those principles, here’s a summarized list.

  • Conditioned hypereating is a biological challenge, not a character flaw
  • Conditioned hypereating is a chronic problem that must be managed, not cured
  • Effective treatment breaks the cue-urge-reward-habit cycle
  • Diets that leave us feeling deprived magnify the loss of control at the core of conditioned hypereating
  • New learning sticks only when it generates a feeling of satisfaction
  • Restoring control over eating requires a comprehensive approach
  • Lapses are to be expected
  • Eventually, we can begin to think differently about food

The core of the program requires us to replace unplanned eating with planned eating. Planned eating is much less subject to impulse. It replaces chaos with structure. It’s important that we plan meals that will satisfy us and that we enjoy but which do not fuel hypereating.

Dr. Kessler outlines the shape of a rehab plan and many of the elements it must contain to be successful. Moreover, he makes the information readily accessible while recognizing that each person is unique and no one size fits all cookie-cutter approach exists.

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