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Weekend Update 05-19-2012

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JP Morgan Chase has kindly provided us another object lesson on the reasons we regulate banks and why we need to restore the regulations that provided us a stable banking system for half the 20th century. Of course, those who seem to most need that object lesson also appear completely unteachable. So I don’t have a great deal of confidence that it will do any good.

Krugman has another good analysis of the euro situation in an easily accessible column. Since the vast majority of  his economic predictions leading up to and throughout this current global financial crisis have been substantially proven correct by subsequent events, it’s a column well worth reading.

Locate Special Diet is a new and intriguing site. My family has celiac, of course, but the site has other sorts of special diets in it.

Robert Reich on Public vs. Private Morality

Postcard from 1952 by Explosions in the Sky, my wife’s cousin’s band. They are really good at their art.

Inequality is a measurable problem.

Ill Doctrine: Don’t freak out about the white babies!

And finally, because I was reminded by another of the Pet Shop Boys this week (though their music is on my phone), a few of my favorites.

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