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Lab on a Chip

Posted: June 11th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Celiac | Tags: | Comments Off on Lab on a Chip

I ran across the following article, about an inexpensive and easy to use celiac disease test, and it’s description of a “lab on a chip” intriguing. My younger kids suffer no real acute physical symptoms from celiac. Before I was diagnosed, even though my villi were completely flattened, I had osteoporosis (though I didn’t know it), and a host of other issues, I didn’t have the severe gastrointestinal symptoms some celiac sufferers have. Even now, I’m not always certain if I’ve been exposed or not.

For people like us, any sort of test like this — especially one we could do at home — would be invaluable. And, as they mention in the article, it’s a technology that could be used for more than celiac disease.

Yes, there are potential ethical questions always surfacing from our research in biotech and genetics. But it also greatly enhances the quality of our lives and our ability to help those who suffer from disease. It’s impossible to have one without the other. All things considered, I’ll take the good even with the issues that it raises.

Even just three years ago when I was diagnosed, hardly anyone I knew seemed to know what celiac disease was. Now it receives more attention than I could have imagined. The world changes quickly sometimes.

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