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Weekend Update 06-23-2012

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The Communion of the Saints in Prayer. Wow. That’s really all I can say. I am sensitive to anachronisms, but I’ve found that when I try to describe them to many people, they don’t understand what I mean. Thinking of a post by Frank Viola that a friend recently tweeted, I will note that perhaps, when facing a choice between the word ‘faith’ and the word ‘baptism’ perhaps the NT writers were not using them interchangeably, but actually knew what each meant and selected the word they wanted. I know that would be a radical idea for many Protestants. But I would suggest that an anachronistic reading of Scripture is probably not the best idea.

The dirty dozen and the clean fifteen of produce when it comes to pesticide levels. Good information to have when shopping.

IPv6, whois database, tracking criminals, and getting search warrants. This is the among the best reasoned responses to flap over the recent concern about IPv6 expressed by the FBI.

I still clearly remember seeing this version of the video for Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood projected on a screen at the Bonham Exchange in San Antonio. That was, I believe, in 1988 — four years after the video had apparently been released. I know it’s hard for people younger than me to imagine a time when things weren’t at the tip of your fingers. Out of curiosity, I googled the Bonham Exchange and they are apparently still open. Go figure! I looked at the pictures in the tour and it’s still recognizably the same club. We had a couple of wild Halloweens there. In one of them my (now) wife got decked out in a version of my (then) look. That was a fun night. I remember the “gypsy” fortune teller, the haunted house in the basement, and of course the dancing. Somewhere along the way since then I guess I got old. But I really wouldn’t mind being the old guy out on the dance floor at the Bonham! Sigh.


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