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Weekend Update 07-14-2012

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The drag on our economy caused by public sector job loss, primarily at the state and local level, has been and continues to be enormous. The math isn’t even very difficult and the underlying concepts are not particularly complicated. Unfortunately, we’re in a situation where far too much of our population and the politicians they elect are choosing to see a fantasy world through ideological lenses rather than anything that even vaguely correlates with reality. Nor is it a matter of intelligence. As far as I can tell, intelligence hardly even seems to be a factor. And right now I don’t see any clear path out of delusion for our country.

Robert Reich on the Libor scandal(s). I can’t figure out why so many Americans not only put up with this, but actively and vigorously support the politicians who actively encourage this sort of behavior and fight against any regulation that attempts to prevent it. Do GOP voters suffer from some bizarre form of Stockholm Syndrome? There has to be some way to explain otherwise utterly irrational behavior.

Just as GW was and remains the merest fraction of a man that his father is, the same can be said of Mitt and George.

Big lies about taxes. And how many Americans are stupid enough to believe them? And yes. Stupid. No more mincing words. If the shoe fits…

Who’s Very Important? Sigh. Of course there aren’t enough of them to actually elect anyone. I still find it bizarre that they can get so many people who already have been harmed and will be hurt even worse by their desired policies to vote for their candidates. Of course, it seems like a lot of people simply don’t believe the candidate for whom they are voting or plan to vote will actually do the things that candidate has promised to do

Texas absolutely last in the nation in health care quality. Also here. Of course, I can’t imagine that’s surprising to anyone who has actually lived here. Still. I was born in Louisiana. I lived in Mississippi for a short while as a child. I went to high school (and had my first daughter and marriage) in Arkansas in the poorest county in the Ozarks. By comparison Texas is rich. There’s no reason things have to be even worse here. The good citizens of our state choose to gamble their lives that they can get away with this situation and it might not touch those they love. Of course, they are all honorable men. Our governor, the illustrious Rick Perry, is absolutely committed to keeping us dead last in the country when it comes to health care. He demonstrates his commitment in various ways.

Waiting for health care. Watch the video. I’ve lived at all segments of our society over the course of my life — from the poorest of the poor to where I surprisingly find myself today. If you are one of the loud voices complaining about the way health care reform “infringes on your freedom” or similar nonsense, then you are the oppressor. You are the slaver. You are the abuser. You’re the bad guy in this story. If you have a different image of yourself, you’re out of touch with reality. If you claim the name of Christ, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when you face him.

Josh, the singer, was one of the teens always around our house and part of the teen “garage band” we hosted. Now? He’s amazing. I remember when he tried to play chicken with a car in front of our house … I took him to the emergency room. One of a zillion stories. It’s hard for me to connect the teen in those memories to this man.

Regressive vs. Progressive.

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