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Weekend Update 07-21-2012

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The personal in Romney’s case frames the larger picture. Maybe that will break through the delusion many have that Romney (and the GOP in general) won’t do what they have actually proposed doing and for some of which they have even already voted.

Who exactly is dividing America?

Let’s try to stick to the real world when we talk about Medicaid. Amen. I’m sick of everyone from the media to ordinary people letting the GOP get away with blatant lies. I used to joke that you could tell that a politician was lying when his lips were moving — but it was a joke. The modern GOP has made that reality. And they get away with it. Not only that, they get away with it to the point that when the policy proposals they have actually made and the things for which they have actually voted are accurately portrayed to GOP voters, those voters believe the people they support don’t support any such thing. We’re living in Wonderland now. As a teen parent, Medicaid was the only reason we survived. Metaphorically, but also literally. When my infant daughter had pneumonia it was Medicaid that ensured she had the care she needed to live. So pardon me while I sneer at the “pro-life” stance of (mostly) white conservative evangelicals who have never been in a position where they actually needed Medicaid.

The problem is that the prosperity of America’s big businesses has become disconnected from well-being of most American citizens.

Pathos of the Plutocrat. Quoting The Rich Boy no less.

Jay Smooth at Ill Doctrine on Mitt Romney’s Blackest Week Yet.


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