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Weekend Update 08-11-2012

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Luck vs. Skill. Indeed. I’ve often written how cognizant so much of my success has been the result of societal support when I most needed it and then simply on luck. Yes, I had the intelligence, skill, and drive to take advantage of those fortunate opportunities when they came my way, but I didn’t somehow create them and the dice could have gone many different ways. Most teen parents don’t end up where I have. I was extremely lucky.

“In the hands of Christ, bread always becomes His body: all things become what they truly are.” Fr. Stephen knocks another one out of the park.

Richard Beck take a good look at the theology of Dark Knight Rises. Well worth a read.

At one point in Hope Springs Tommy Lee Jones’ character expresses his fear of first telling Meryl Streep’s character he loved her. He thought that would send her running. She could have had anyone she wanted. Why would she want him? I think that’s something many men experience. I always thought my wife was out of my league and never have understood why she chose me and stuck with me through some pretty awful times. I’m not sure she’s ever really understood why I told her Dirty Dancing and, in particular She’s Like the Wind, captured my feelings. I still sometimes think I’m a fool to believe I have anything she needs. I see who I am in the mirror. And I had so much pain when she met me. Almost a quarter of a decade later, though, and she still believes in me. She see something different when she looks at me than I see when I look at myself. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t met her, but I’m certain it would be a much darker place.

She’s Like the Wind

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