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Weekend Update 08-25-2012

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Too many of our media outlets lack any integrity whatsoever. Unfortunately, people reading or watching them assume they are still practicing modern journalism ethically.

Of course, if you don’t really understand mathematics, which it seems is true of far too many Americans today, I suppose it’s easy to be deceived by statements like Romney’s.

Mr. Ryan isn’t a serious man — he just plays one on TV. That’s a great line and perfectly accurate. Ryan is an empty suit who, for some bizarre reason, many people want to treat as some sort of credible, intelligent policy wonk. He’s not. He’s a flim-flam man. And anyone who can do basic arithmetic ought to be able to see that for themselves.

Another look at the GOP health care plan for America. (Mostly, it boils down to if you aren’t rich, as far as they are concerned you can go die.)

Of course, it’s been obvious that the GOP doesn’t want an electorate capable of critical thought, since such an electorate could see through their lies. The con man needs a mark. But it is interesting to see them enshrine that educational “goal” in their party platform here in Texas.

Understanding the ACA Medicare “cuts”. The real problem is that we have one party that does the normal political exaggeration and slanting, but within those parameters largely still speaks the truth while the other party simply blatantly lies. And the lies are often being presented to people as if they were simply a different opinion rather than a blatant falsehood.

If there’s anyone out there who still takes Niall Ferguson seriously, you should check this out. Of course, I guess people really don’t grasp that there are different kinds of wrong. Niall is deliberately misrepresenting facts in order to mislead people. Unfortunately, that’s become the norm in the GOP today.

And this represents an accurate portrayal of the actual math in Ryan’s plan. If those are the results you actually want to see happen in America, then fine, vote for him. But it’s despicable to have destructive goals like that and then try to mislead people that you are proposing something different. At least in this instance, the USCCB wasn’t fooled — not that Ryan gives a flip what his Bishops have to say. So much for being a devout Catholic.

The Romney-Ryan Economic Plan.

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