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Weekend Update 09-15-2012

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Once again, the facts fail to support GOP ideology. This time it’s their predilection to blame the poor for being poor that’s not supported by any evidence. Not that I believe facts or evidence will make any more difference here than they have anywhere else. Sigh.

So it sounds like at least some Republicans (Rand Paul in this case) actually believe in the fantasy world they inhabit and are shocked when thinks like facts, this time on the plummeting levels of government employment under President Obama, contradict their delusions. Of course, I tend to believe that people who can’t tell fact from fantasy are poor candidates for actually governing our country. Unfortunately, it seems to many of our citizens prefer fantasy to reality and elect leaders who reflect their fantasies back to them. And there’s apparently a video of Rand Paul’s reaction if anyone wants to see it.

Yes, Romney thinks we’re stupid. It’s an open question at this point whether or not he’s right — or at least right about enough voting Americans to win the election.

Obstruct and Exploit. Yep. If we reward people who refuse to actually govern, then we will entrench that behavior.

The federal government is an insurance company with an army. Yep. A pretty accurate description. I happen to work for the billing/accounts receivable bit of that government, but overall? Yep, that’s about it.

Here’s a shocker. The Census Bureau reports the income gap between the top fifth of Americans and the rest of the country grew sharply in 2011.

The iPhone Stimulus. The magical belief that a dollar spent in our economy by the government is somehow different in nature than a dollar spent by a business or individual is one of the stranger ones out there.

The Truth About Dishonesty.

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