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Weekend Update 09-29-2012

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How the Scriptures become Scripture. Yep. The Apostles did not leave behind a clear canon of texts. They left a Church into which they had poured their lives. And it was that Church which preserved and eventually canonized their surviving writings.

I hope Robert Reich is right, but I’m not certain. I think there’s a significant swath of our country that really is that racist and will otherwise vote for people who want to do things to them that are contrary to their own self-interest. Their hate and other irrational forces override even that basic element. In order for people to vote and make a decisions from a perspective of rational self-interest (which I consider a vastly lower threshold than a perspective of love) they have to be able to perceive reality as something close to what it actually is. And I’m not seeing that in our country today.

Mitt Romney — the confidence fairy!

Jay Smooth on the tale of the two tapes — Romney’s and Obama’s from four years ago. Yep, they do tell very different stories as they reveal the character of the two men.

And what’s the polite way to say we think Mitt’s a bit weird?

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