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My daughter has never cared much for bread, even when she was preschooler. She’s been eating the meat, cheese, and pickles out of her hamburgers, hot dogs sans buns, and sandwich meat a la carte for her whole life. But this past year or so, she’s been taking a peanut butter & nutella sandwich to school. I immediately got her a couple of types of the more palatable bread to try and one of them she thought was okay, but hardly great.

I’d heard that Whole Foods had started carrying a new brand that was supposed to be really good, but hadn’t yet made it down to one to check it out. Lo and behold, as I was looking through Sprouts gluten free jubilee offerings, I saw this in the freezer!

Udi's Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread

I snatched a loaf to try. It’s more flexible than other gluten free breads and it tastes good without reheating it. That’s all good, but the critical thumbs up was my daughter’s. And this bread got it. It’s now the official instrument of nutella and peanut butter conveyance in her school lunches.

While I was at Sprouts, I saw and snagged the following as well.

Udi's Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crusts were also a hit. I made my daughter her favorite pineapple and canadian bacon pizza while I had a ground bison and black olive one. This was an important discovery because we can take some of these to her camp when she goes. They will keep them in the freezer and they will make her pizzas using them on nights when she would otherwise have few options.

If you haven’t yet tried any of Udi’s products, I highly recommend you give them a taste! Two thumbs up from both my daughter and me.

Red Robin

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A couple of weeks ago, my wife was craving a good hamburger (as in nothing from a fast food joint), something we’ve not really gone out to get since I was diagnosed with celiac. I looked online and discovered that Red Robin might be a safe place for me to try since they had a gluten free menu online. So we headed out to the Red Robin at IH35 and Parmer in Austin.

The waitress was knowledgeable and helpful. She brought me the current gluten free menu and stayed around to answer questions. I asked about the fries and she said they were cooked in a dedicated fryer and that she had had other customers with wheat or gluten “allergies” (easier just to go with allergy than to try to explain celiac disease while ordering food) who had experienced no problems.

I decided to try their cheeseburger (with no Red Robin seasonings) in a lettuce wedge rather than simply without the bun. I have always thought the Atkins diet was a strange way to eat, but I was grateful that day that the craze taught restaurants like Red Robin how to create bun-less options. I also ordered the steak fries (again without the seasoning). The food was good. The burger was well-wrapped so I actually could pick it up and eat it like a burger, though lettuce is not the same thing as a bun.

I didn’t have any sort of reaction I could detect. And I loved actually being able to order and eat french fries at a restaurant! Definitely a thumbs up!