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The Didache – Series Intro

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I’ve mentioned the Didache: The Lord’s Teaching Through the Twelve Apostles to the Nations a number of times in past posts and even reflected on its rules on fasting in my series, Not the Fast I’ve Chosen. It’s one of the earliest, if not the earliest, surviving written Christian writings other than those writings which were later recognized as the Holy Scriptures. In fact, the Didache and another early work, The Shepherd of Hermas, were even on some of the early canon lists. The written document dates to around the end of the first century and appears to record in writing a long-standing oral tradition.

I’ve read the Didache many times over the course of my journey within Christianity. It’s a writing that keeps drawing me back in and I leave each time with new or renewed insight, not because the words have changed, but because I have changed. These last two months since my diagnosis, I’ve noticed that it strikes me often in ways that are different from the way I remember reading it before I knew I was a celiac.

I’ve decided I feel like writing a series walking through the whole of the Didache. It will be as many parts as it ends up being. Some days I may cover section. Other days I may reflect on a sentence. These will be my thoughts, though shaped of course by everything and everyone I’ve encountered and read over the years. I’m not an authority of any sort on ancient Christian writings. If you’re looking for scholarly analysis or insight, go elsewhere.

I’ll be writing because it’s a document that has meant a lot to me over the years and it still provokes new thoughts. I’ll be using the translation I linked above not because I think it’s the “best” translation. Frankly, I couldn’t judge that at all. I’m using it because it’s the translation with which I’m the most comfortable. I don’t really have any goal or point to this series other than to walk through the document and see what it spurs me to write. We’ll start tomorrow with my initial post in this series.

Welcome to Faith & Food

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If you’re reading this, welcome to my initial post. Although I will not restrict or limit my choice of topics for my writing here, it was my diagnosis of celiac disease which finally prompted me to start my own blog. I’ve supported and helped people over nearly two decades establish their own blogs, email lists, forums, and other such tools for communication. But this is only the second time I’ve set up one as a venue primarily for my voice. The other was a technically oriented email list sharing resources and expressing my own views to others interested within my place of employment, so it was more my public voice on technical matters rather than a truly personal voice. This blog, by contrast, is entirely personal.

I tend to process things best through my writing. That has been true my entire life. As such, even though I do not intend to restrict my topics, I do expect that much of what I write will revolve around my experience with celiac and with matters of faith. It’s an odd feeling to be diagnosed with a serious disease that they really can’t do anything about medically. I am grateful that it’s something that can be entirely managed through diet, even if removing gluten from your life is definitely not the easiest thing to accomplish. Nevertheless, there is some sense that my own body has in a way betrayed me. Even now I have several half-formed trains of thoughts swirling around my head that I’m sure I’ll clarify and solidify through writing when I have the time to sit and focus at the keyboard.

If you’re looking for or expecting any glitz, you’ve come to the wrong place. I read most blogs without adornment in a feed reader. When reading, I prefer text without unnecessary distraction. I tend to prefer visually subdued displays for anything I will be staring at for any length of time except games (and even then there are limits). I basically live my life in front of computer displays and my tolerance for visual noise is low. I deliberately chose a visually unexciting theme that was readily customizable. I’m not fond of the bright white background, so will probably tone it down at some point. But otherwise, don’t expect any major change or for it to become more visually stimulating in the future.

That’s all for now. I did want to get an introductory post published to officially get this blog started. This is it. Now on with the content. I have wanted to write about my experience with Chuy’s post-diagnosis. So I’ll probably write that next.

Hello world!

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Hello. This is just the initial post while I am pulling everything in this blog together. I’m busy determining the theme and plugins I want to use as well as running through all the WP settings.