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Red Lobster

Posted: May 19th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Restaurant Reviews | Tags: , , , , , , , | 7 Comments »

To celebrate our mother’s doctoral graduation, my brother took everyone out to Red Lobster. I told our server that I had celiac disease and asked if they had a gluten free menu. They do not have one. I ended up talking to the manager who consulted with the chef. They told me that anything grill off the fresh catch menu with broccoli should be fine for me. I order the grilled salmon with broccoli.

Everyone was helpful and nice. I have no complaints about the service. And the food was ok. I never had the sort of pain or other strong symptoms that some with celiac have before my diagnosis. I am only now beginning to figure the various reactions and symptoms I have had as a result of celiac as they gradually clear up and go away. So I am by no means certain, but I think something I ate during the meal did contain gluten in some form after all. I’m not sure at all, but it would explain how I felt and my body reacted afterwards.

That’s one of the frustrating things about my particular experience with celiac. I don’t get badly sick like some people do. I don’t have major pain or anything else obvious. It’s not that I want to be sick or feel pain. But since the damage to my body is the same whether I know I’ve eaten gluten or not, it worries me when I’m unsure as I was after the Red Lobster meal. It could have just been my paranoia over eating at a place I had not had the chance to research that was not very celiac friendly combined with the physical effects of all the driving I had done combined with a short night of sleep.

Or maybe there was some amount of gluten in the food.

I probably won’t go to Red Lobster again. Or if I need to for a social event, I think I’ll just get coffee. 😉